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Design-Order Form
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History and Fans

Last acceptable delivery date ____

Draw an outline of both feet. Sit in a chair and wear your sox. Hold your pen straight up and down.

Make your style choices:

Boot style: pull-on___ or fitted___lace-up, zipper, straps, other

Color Choice for boot_____, cuff lining_____, sole edge____

Activity: dancing, riding, sword fighting, hiking, working

Activity Surface: hardwood, raked stage, wet, gravel, concrete,

Boot Toe Shape: round___, square___, point___, other

Heel Shape: how tall?____ Straight sides, slanted or curved?

Platform: yes___, no___ How tall?

Special Fit Areas: Big toe___, little toe___ needs room on side or top

                          ball___, or instep___ needs loose fit

Arch is: high___, flat___, special___, how?

Make room in boot for orthotic device___, or cushion insole___.

Measure: Your tape measure makes a circle around the foot and leg wearing sox and pants. Mark your numbers on the leg drawing.

How tall are you?____        How tall are the boots? Sole line to boot top____

Draw your boots over boot outline. Show buckles, straps, zipper, detailing.

Describe the overall look of your boots: hard, soft, loose, tight, rustic, refined

John M Shrader, 898 Irwin Lane, Santa Rosa, Ca 95401. Phone 707-527-5026.

email:    Visit the workshop by appointment.

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