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 Shop my collection of new boots

Shop the hundreds of boots, period shoes, belts, bags and hats on the shelves here at the workshop. We can work together to measure your needs and the actual boots. Over the phone or email we do a virtual fitting using your foot outline and a few measurements of your foot and leg.

The boots are prototypes, production overruns or some late night inspiration I had.  All of these boots are made by me over the years or just last week and are in brand new condition.___John

Click the size you need:

bulletMen's Boots:  6-7,  8-9,  10-11,  12-15
bulletWomen's Boots :  4-6,  7-8,  9-10,  11-13
bullet Belts from thin to wide and super long, plain, western, military belts
bulletBags:  small bags, handbags, shoulder bags, back packs.


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