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Many hundreds of satisfied boot customers have successfully ordered by mail. It works because you give me good information and I care about each boot I make for you.

Use my Design and Measurement Order Form to state the essential features of your new boots.  Fill it out completely- name, address, colors, deadline date, measurements and foot outline original drawings on the reverse side.

You may add a picture or two or even visit the workshop, but I want you to tell me about your new boots through the order form. When I start to make your boots, that order form ,now on my cutting table, must tell me everything I need to know about your new boots. I take responsibility for the fit so fearlessly measure thyself and mail the form to me.

This is the secret to my success at making new boots that fit you and look the way you want them to look.___John

           Some Types of Boots and Base Prices-

1-Pull-on, mid-calf, low heel        $ 650.                 

2-English riding boot, black or brown      950.            

3-Pull-on, thigh-high, low heel          850.

4-Zipper, knee-high, low heel         675.

5-Zipper, mid-thigh, high heel              1150.

6-Lace-up, mid-calf, low heel            675.

7-Cowboy boot, roper heel,  plain  calfskin     825.

8-Cowboy boot, fancy stitching, inlay or applique,      1050.

bulletGet your boots step by step-

A firm price quote is given on receipt of your Design and Measurement Order Form.

Leather samples are sent to you. You decide if and when to begin.

Work begins on receipt of your deposit by check, purchase order,or PayPal.

Delivery time is 4-12 weeks. If I accept your deadline, you'll have your boots on time.

After receipt of your balance due, your boots are sent by US Priority Mail.

Guarantees of fit and workmanship are given to your satisfaction. Remakes done promptly at the bootmaker's expense. I want you to have boots you treasure forever.

Thirty-six years of satisfied customers is a record I plan to extend.


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