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Welcome to my workshop in Santa Rosa, California

 Since 1976 I have made hundreds of leather boots by hand--every variation of military boots, riding boots, cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, hiking boots, dance boots, women's dress boots and platform boots.

 I work in the Old World way by carving wood lasts based on your foot outline, drawing custom patterns from your measurements, and stitching the finest leather from around the world. Since I make your boots from scratch, every detail: fit, toe shape, heel, color, heft, decoration is done for you.

  After decades of successful practice I'm ready and eager to make boots for you, too. Use my design-order form to get started. Theatrical accounts should phone or email for special terms.

John M. Shrader, 707-527-5026, john@ShraderBootmaker.com

Who needs custom boots ? You want a style, color or fit that you can't buy ready-made.

You want a copy of an old favorite boot. You want a copy of a boot from a picture.       

 A 22 inch calf.

Renaissance era.

 Victorian lace-ups.

 Very tall boots
Firefly boots.

 Western boots, all kinds.

Walk and ride.

Riding to hounds in Reno. Comfortable from day one.